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Friday, August 12, 2011

Sarah Palin To CNN: ‘I’m Not Stealing The Spotlight’ (While Visiting Iowa State Fair) VIDEO (via mediaite)

Sarah Palin To CNN: ‘I’m Not Stealing The Spotlight’ (While Visiting Iowa State Fair)
by Alex Alvarez | 6:17 pm, August 12th, 2011

Sarah Palin, in an interview that was notconducted by Fox News, spoke with CNN’sDon Lemon while visiting the Iowa State Fair. Palin told Lemon that it isn’t her intention to “steal the spotlight” from her fellow Republicans while in Iowa but, you know. The spotlight kind of totally loves her! The resulting interview turned out well, and both Palin (who has been out of the spotlight as of late) and Lemon (whose star is on the rise) came across as engaging, charismatic and respectful (kudos to Palin for maintaining eye contact with Lemon and giving him thoughtful responses even as her handlers tried to whisk her away and throngs of fans asked for autographs). But enough fawning. Let’s get to Sarah’s comments.
For one, she enjoyed that “the gloves came off” during last night’s debates because it was “good for the electorate.” Lemon then asked her, point blank, whether she thought she was stealing the spotlight away from the official GOP candidates:
I don’t think I’m stealing any spotlight. In fact, if anybody thinks I’m stealing the spotlight, go! Go! Go find the other folks and say hello. Very thankful to have been invited to the State Fair and to get to, with my family, highlight this all-American venue and this is part of our One Nation Tour road trip and we’ll get to do some historical events. And I consider the Iowa State Fair quite historic.
Lemon then asked Palin what she thought of the pervading comparisons between her and another Republican woman consistently in the spotlight: Michele Bachmann.
Yeah, that’s so passé, to pit… just because there may happen to be two women in the race that they would, you know, as Michele had put it once, “get in the mud and engage in some cat fighting.” That’s ridiculous. It’s kind of even a sexist notion to consider that the two women would be kind of duking it out. No. If I’m going to duke it out, I’m going to duke it out with a guy.
Speaking of Bachmann, what does Palin think of that Newsweek cover? Well, she doesn’t think that anyone (“Ask the people around here!”) would consider Bachmann to be, as the cover headline labeled her, “The Queen of Rage.” In fact, she actually found that line to be more of a problem than the picture chosen.
Later, she told Lemon that the “last group or entity to be blamed” for the credit rating downgrade should be the Tea Party and that, in fact, the President is responsible for the downgrade since he’s at the top. That assessment, while not unpopular, is at odds with comments an S&P director made to Politico in an article published yesterday: Read the rest at Mediaite:
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