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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ron Paul Booed at CNN - Tea Party Debate


righthook38 said...

This guy is off his rocker. We were attacked because we're a Christian nation, and we support Israel. End of story. What does he want us to do? Go to these nations, hat in hand, and just let them do whatever they please? Why is he even running on a Republican ticket???

loopyloo305 said...

I don't understand it either RH, I used to really like Ron Paul, but lately I wonder if he really understands what he is doing. If you don't support your allies and your friends what are you worth?

John Scotus said...

Indeed, if you don't support your friends and allies, what are you worth?
I thought that Ron Paul was having his best debate by far until this comment. He seemed reasonably coherent and on point, so I doubt that he is insane by the common definition of the word. he just honestly believes these things, and is honestly wrong.