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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bicycle Missions | The Christian Gazette

Bicycle Missions | The Christian Gazette
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I posted the other day about Pastor Stephen McKay and put up a page to give you an idea of what he does and who he is. I would like to take the time today to tell you a little something about one of the things that he is raising money for. It is not for his own ministry, he has support for that, it is to help others in their ministry. He is doing that with bicycles.
Why bicycles? Pastor McKay explained it this way, last year when  was in Tanzania he discovered that the local Pastors were having to walk 20 miles and more at times to spread the gospel. Either that or if they were blessed with a bicycle, travel that way. He decided that it would be his mission in part to provide them bicycles in order to spread the gospel easier and to be able to be a blessing to these Pastors. God has worked wonderfully. Pastor McKay was back in Tanzania a couple of weeks ago and  reported this:

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